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Do Gutters Add Value To a Home?

Gutters perform a valuable function on the exterior of a home, and seamless rain gutter installation offers even more benefits than ever. To gain some perspective on how gutters can add value to your home, let’s take a look at those benefits and what they mean to you.

Curb Appeal

New gutters will make your home look better immediately. The crisp, clean edge of your seamless rain gutter installation makes an excellent visual trim that stands out. And making your home more aesthetically pleasing increases the base value of the home, but it also helps maintain home values for the subdivision or larger community. Installing gutters as part of a complete exterior renovation will give you a lot of flexibility in how the house will look, and gutters offer a lot of appeal for a reasonable price.

Removing Roof Water

Getting water off the roof is the primary function of a gutter system. Without efficient drainage, water on the roof is more likely to seep under the shingles or other roofing material where it can cause decay of the home’s roof and walls. Gutters cannot remove leaves and other debris very efficiently, though, so you will need to clean the roof periodically to keep the water flowing properly.

Protecting Home Foundations

Rain gutters collect runoff from the roof and channel it to downspouts. Near the ground, downspouts turn outward, away from the walls of the house so that the force of water rushing downward will spray away from the foundation, walls, and even your landscaping. In heavy rain, there is a lot of water moving through your downspouts, and the home foundation would quickly erode without gutters to protect it.

Preventing Mold and Mildew

Getting water away from the home quickly prevents damage as well as the growth of harmful mold and mildew. Some types of mold can be dangerous for people with asthma or even cause other respiratory disorders, and other types lead to faster decay of surfaces that remain damp for extended periods. Gutters do not directly increase home value in this regard, but instead reduce the amount of renovation and repair the house needs over time.

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters do need to have a certain amount of maintenance. Seamed gutters have more places for dirt and debris to collect inside the gutter, but even a seamless gutter should be thoroughly cleaned at least annually. The debris buildup itself is only marginally harmful, but gutters are fragile when it comes to weight, and wet debris could be a major problem in heavy rains.

Another maintenance issue is that small branches and twigs– or even pine straw– can accumulate over the gutter, preventing water from falling into it and being channeled away. When this happens, water begins to plunge directly over the gutter and could cause a lot of damage. It is relatively simple to remove this debris, but it does require climbing a ladder and handling unpleasant organic debris.

Gutter Longevity

Most gutters are rated for around 15 years, but the actual longevity, especially with seamless gutters, is closer to 20 or even 30 years. Seamless gutters have fewer parts, but they may still require occasional repair caused by a falling tree limb or other unexpected damage. The good news is that gutter repair is a simple job, and the same contractors who installed your seamless gutters can repair it to look as good as new.

Gutter Installation Contractors

The contractors who install your gutter will make a difference. Fly-by-night contractors have a reputation for undependable gutterwork, and may even be illegal in your area. Similarly, any contractor working on your property should be covered by company liability insurance. Without that, you are liable for any accidents or injuries, plus there is no recourse if the job doesn’t go as planned. Great contractors result in great workmanship, and the value of a new gutter relies on the integrity of the installer. Keep in mind that poorly hung gutters are just as visible as ones that are hung with care.

Seam Versus Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a more modern type of gutter that is installed as a continuous piece from side to side. Traditional seamed gutters were installed as individual pieces, and each joint created a seam that could trap debris and eventually pull apart. Seamless gutters perform better, fail less often, and give the home a great new look in a short amount of time. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Fewer Leaks – With no seams to separate, seamless gutters will have fewer leaks, less sagging, and will look great for years. Seamless gutters don’t collect debris as quickly and are less prone to punctures.
  • Lower Maintenance – Seamless gutters have fewer pieces, and this means there is less to go wrong. Even a seamless gutter needs to be serviced annually, but seamless gutters have few problems.
  • Quick Installation – Seamless gutters install faster and with less labor. If you have a busy lifestyle, you can rest assured that seamless gutter installation will not be an ongoing inconvenience.
  • Improved Home Value – Because gutters help protect the home, installing new seamless gutters will give your home a boost in property value. This can be a great way to enhance the appeal of your home, not only bringing in more value but selling faster as well.
  • Visual Improvement – New gutters make an immediate change to the appearance of the home. What may surprise you is that having a new perspective on your home can improve your own self-esteem. Simply put, it feels good to make your home look good.

Seamless gutters are the perfect way to complement a new roof, and can be installed as part of a complete roof replacement package. This allows you to perfectly match the roof, trim, and gutter colors and makes it easier to track maintenance and age by keeping the entire roof component at the same age. You may have to make spot repairs to the roof or gutters a few years down the road, but until then everything will be matched.

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