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How to Determine The Right Materials For My House’s Roofing?

If you know that roof repair or replacement is in your future and the best course of action appears to be installing a new roof, then you would do well to give the materials you want to use some serious consideration. It makes sense to use appropriate materials for your local climate, but that still leaves you a lot of choices, and each one offers benefits that are uniquely suited for specific regions or conditions. The question of which material is right for you is not an easy question and making the best decision will require you to delve into the parameters that define an optimum roofing material.

HOA and Zoning Regulations

Before you get too far into choosing a roofing material for your roof replacement or repair, it is a good idea to check with your Homeowner’s Association to make sure that what you choose will be appropriate for where you live. Similarly, local building codes may impact your decision. Building codes do not generally prohibit a particular roofing material, but the inherent building requirements may conceivably make a specific material less desirable.

You can get a fairly reliable idea of what types of materials are used in your subdivision or neighborhood by setting aside a little time to simply see what the other residents have used. You may even discover some exciting styles or color combinations that can be incorporated into your own roof.

Climate and Geography

The region and climate you live in may help you decide which material is best for you. Areas with excessive heat tend toward roofs that are more heat resistant, for example, while wet and windy climates demand roofing materials that are less vulnerable to wild weather. This decision does not eliminate any roofing options, but it does help guide the decision for what would work best.

Another great example to think about is that the occurrence of wildfires has become more common in the last 25 years or so. Choosing a roof that is resistant to fire could mean avoiding a disaster in some areas. You would still have multiple options– ceramic tile versus metal roofing for example– but the demands of the environment help you eliminate unsuitable materials.

Preferred Styles

If you would like to create a specific style for your home, such as resembling a Victorian roof, the material you choose is going to make a difference. Nothing resembles a cedar shake roof, for example, but roofing tiles are available in ceramic, vinyl, and metal that are made to resemble other material types. 

Your roofing contractors can help you pick the perfect style based on what is popular or more effective in your area, but they can’t do much to help with aesthetic decisions. Once you know what your options are, your final choice can be based on cost, color, or even how long the roof will last.  


The average asphalt shingle roof is expected to last for around 20 years, while a metal roof may go on for 30 years or more and a ceramic tile roof may last for upwards of 50 years. The material you choose will determine how much– or how little– maintenance is required, the feasibility of repair versus replacement, and more. If you will have to move about on the roof frequently, it will need repairs more often than a roof that can be maintained without putting physical stress on the roofing structure.

The age of the roof is also a factor whether or not replacement is the best solution. The older a roof is, the more likely it will be that the supporting trusses and joists are less reliable than they once were. No matter how well a roof is built, it will eventually need to be replaced, including the underlying support structure. In some cases, the existing roof support will not be appropriate for the type of material you want to use, but you can always use a more suitable material that resembles what you originally wanted.

Popular Materials

You have a number of fine roofing material options to choose from. Everyone is probably familiar with a traditional asphalt shingle roof, but architectural asphalt is similar in cost but available in a wider array of styles. And every material is available in differing styles and colors, plus some materials can be installed as shingles, tiles, rolled roofing, or sheets. This means you have plenty of room to make your roof uniquely your own while using popular materials that mesh well with other homes in the community and offer outstanding performance specifications. Some of the most popular materials used today include:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Architectural Asphalt
  • Metal
  • Ceramic Tile

Keep in mind that each of these materials is available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. In all, most homeowners are able to choose from about 7 material types, and dozens of styles and colors. And while your roofing contractors can help guide you to the best available choices, the final decision of what you want to build will be your own. 

Cost Considerations

The material you choose will have a big effect on what the roof will cost. Some materials, including metal roofing, can be installed fairly quickly, but others– ceramic tile comes to mind– are much more labor intensive. Labor costs are a significant percentage of the roof cost, however, so a metal roof is more appropriate if you have limits on what can be invested. You don’t have to go with the most affordable choices to save money, but you do have to weigh the variables against the final cost.

Take your time in choosing which roofing material is the right one for you. Look at samples, then take a look at homes with similar roofs. Whatever you decide is going to be with you for many years to come, so avoid rushing into anything that you aren’t completely happy with. From a plain shingle roof to fancy tile configurations, there is plenty of room to find a material you like at a price that fits your budget.

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