how do i repair my roof

How Do I Repair My Roof? 

Your home’s roof is one of the most crucial parts of the building. You expect it to survive at least 20 years if it is built of asphalt. However, harsh weather might cause substantial damage. 

We are one of the most reputable roofing contractors. We know how critical it is to act as soon as the damage to your roof becomes apparent. 

Thus, we will show you everything you need to know about roof replacement and repair.

How Do I Repair My Roof?

The signs of a leaky roof may go overlooked if the damage is small enough. So, we have compiled a list of the most frequent indications of a damaged roof and some less obvious ones:
  • Costlier electricity consumption: Have you observed a rise in your monthly energy expenditures? This might be an indicator that your roof is broken and no longer able to protect your home. 
  • Water damage or dampness: There is a good chance that your roof is leaking if you notice patches of wet or water stains. It is common to see them on the ceilings or on top of the walls in your home.
  • Damaged attic: An attic with apparent wetness or broken rafters is usually a clue that your roof needs to be repaired.
  • Shingles damaged or filthy: Does your shingles have begun to crack, curl, or appear unclean? If so, your roof may need repairs. Likewise, if your shingles are covered with dirt, you may have a mold problem. Additionally, you may notice granules of shingles in your downspouts or on the ground. If you have damaged shingles, have a reputable roofing service repair them as soon as feasible.
  • Damaged flashings: Inspect your flashings often, as you won’t be able to detect symptoms of degradation without doing so.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

A reasonable rule of thumb is to replace your roof if more than 25% of its surface area is damaged. In this circumstance, the condition of your roof will only become worse. Therefore, replacing it now will save you a lot of money in the long run. But the moment to replace your roof will on the type of material you have. Typically, asphalt roofs last between 15 and 20 years, while slate or metal can last up to 100 years! Besides, the weather will influence the longevity of your roof. As a result of the frigid winters and higher-than-average rainfall on roofs in this area may need more frequent replacements than usual.

How Much Replacing Your Roof Can Cost?

Due to inclement weather, your home insurance may cover the expense of rebuilding your roof. However, if it is merely worn out, a new 1,500-square-foot asphalt roof would cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000. Every reputable company will provide a comprehensive warranty to safeguard your investment. At this point, you may be thinking about repairing your roof on your own. Yet, roof repair may be risky. After all, no one wants to risk further damage. So, we recommend hiring a professional roofing contractor. With some easy DIY, you may be able to repair minor asphalt damage. However, you will usually need expert hands to maintain your roof.  We’re one of the most trusted roofing firms because of the expertise of our staff. Give us a call if you suspect that your roof needs repair. We’ll inspect your property thoroughly and let you know what repairs your roofing system requires.

The Best Roofing Companies to Hire

For anything more serious than a few damaged shingles, it is always better to call roofing professionals. Choosing a roofing contractor may be a discouraging task. So, do not put your home in the hands of a dishonest business. Select a roofing contractor with the following characteristics:
  • The contractor has full liability insurance.
  • It provides a fantastic guarantee on roofing.
  • Other homeowners in the area have given them positive reviews.

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